Get To Know The Real Me

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What Makes Me Happy

- Hanging out with friends and family!
- Traveling! I am a nomad by heart.
- Sex! Sex! Sex! Anytime, day or night!
- Eating! Japanese food is my favorite.
- Fishing! Yes, I love to fish.
- Watching movies! Any kind will do.
- Life! To open my eyes and know I made it another day.
- Gifts! I love being surprised with a gift.
- Money! It can buy a really good time. ;-)
- Solid sleep with a good dream!

What Makes Me Horny

- Kissing! Slow, passionate kissing is the best.
- Soft and gentle touches on my back!
- A warm and naked snuggle!
- Close hugs!
- Gentle kisses anywhere on my neck!
- Someone sitting in my lap! Yes, really.
- Intelligence and confidence! Massive turn on.
- Strong legs and a good solid ass!
- Looking you in the eye while you go down on me!
- Talking dirty to me while we fuck!

A Few Stats

Weight - 75kg
Height - 1.90m
Hair color - Brown
Eye color - Blue
Shoe Size - 44 EU
Nationality - Brazilian
Profession - Model, Porn Star
Penis - Uncircumcised

Hey, I'm Alan. Thanks for checking out my brand new and long overdue site! I'm originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but now I spend most of my time traveling anywhere and everywhere I can. I'm currently backpacking through Asia with a few friends and I'm bringing you with me when you join my site!

If you watch porn, you've probably seen me before, as I've worked as a male performer for most of the major adult studios all over the world and appeared on many popular websites. I recently started working on cam while I'm on the road, so I hope we can cum together online and get to know each other. Until then, I hope to see you inside!